Acorn Stair Lift to Access All Floors of Your Home Safely and Securely

The acorn stairlift restores full access to their homes to people with limited mobility by installing chair lifts. A stair chair can take a person from one level to another. As disabled lifts, or platform lifts, they can also support wheelchairs even on curved stairlifts. Stair lift chairs are Acorn’s specialty.

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The Difference Between Stair Glides and Stair Lifts

The difference between stair glides and stair lift is somewhat small; as most people use the terms interchangeably.

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How to Measure for Your New Stairift Installation

You need to measure the space before a stairlift can be installed, and the professional installers can do all of this for you. They must measure the space and ensure there is enough room around the stairs to install the device.

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Why Choose a Stairway Elevator Over a Stair Lift?

In my opinion, the elevators provide you with more benefits as compared to the stairlifts. You should go for one time expenditure and take lots of benefits. In addition, it is required that best companies should be selected so that installation may be done with reliability. It is always recommended that for more convenience elevators should be the first choice.

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Curved Stairlifts: Gaining Access to Any Stairway Is Affordable

With the ability to bend and curve to meet the contours of any stairway the Acorn model 80 curved stair lift complements any residential space. Available in custom fit lengths, which allow for ease of access from open spaces and better access to stairways and landings, the Acorn curved stair-lift is the solution for persons of limited mobility. Pricing will depend on the length and options chosen. For a free quote on a totally accessible stairway lift system contact the leader in home stair-lifts, Acorn handicapped lift systems.

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