Are Acorn Stairlifts the Right Choice for You?

A big problem that elderly people face is, not being able to utilize the stairs in their own homes, installing a stair lift can help seniors access stairs with ease. With a stair lift they still can enjoy going up and down stairs in their own homes without feeling any anxiety, and the chair lift will ensure that they get there safely.

When you finally decide to purchase a stair lift the next decision is choosing which one to buy. There are several brands of stair lifts on the market today and they are available for indoor and outdoor use. Acorn stair lifts are very popular, and with the Acorn name comes quality. The Acorn Superglide 120 is one of the most popular stair lifts sold. A great deal of testing has been done to check the safety and quality of these particular units.

The Acorn stair lifts come with many helpful features, including a digital display box that shows when the chair is in standard position and in the event of a mechanical breakdown, the display will inform the technician of the exact problem. It requires a charger that is battery operated that must be connected into a normal wall socket. For easy use, there is a joystick for control and a remote control that works with an infrared system. They come with a 294-pound weight capacity and have a headrest and seat that will fold up when not in use.

When Acorn designed the stair lifts, they kept safety in mind because there are many extra-added safety features; such as the seat will be inoperable unless it is in the proper position. There are safety surfaces that are pressure sensitive and will not allow the chair to hit any obstructions or objects on the stairway. The limit sensor makes sure that when the chair stops, that it does so in the correct place. Another excellent feature is the mechanical electronic brake system; this will eliminate the possibility of an accidental descent. The Acorn stair lifts were specially built to ensure that no accidents are to happen and that all products are tested before leaving the manufacturer.

Acorn stair lifts can be self-installed and the company states that if you can put shelves up then you have the ability to install a stair lift; however, the Equipment Manufacturers Association strongly suggests against self- installation. Self-installation can also void your warranty and for safety, a technician who is qualified should professionally install your stair lift. Bruno stair lifts advises against installing the lift yourself and recommends that a professional install the unit.

It is up to you to decide which stairs lift you will choose for your home but Acorn is one of the safest quality stair lifts that is sold. Stair lifts are a necessary piece of equipment for elderly or disabled people who have steps in their homes. Most importantly, Stair lifts give back the feeling of independence and freedom.


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