How to Pick the Right Acorn Stair Chair Lifts for Your Home

When it comes to picking out what kind of Acorn stair lift you want to get for your home, you need to first determine which kind of stairs you will be needing the lift for: Straight, Curved or Outdoor. These three models allow Acorn stair lifts to be welcome into any home. Straight stair lifts are for those homes that have a straight staircase from ground floor to the second floor. Curved stair lifts are for those homes that have corners and turns in their staircases from ground floor to the second floor. Outdoor stair lifts are for those who have stairs leading into their home or onto a porch. Fortunately, Acorn has you covered either way!

Acorn stair lifts are unique in that every single model fits to the stairs of your staircase, not the walls! This is a good thing because most walls are not made to support much weight from the outside; rather they are used for housing support. The extra weight of the stair lift chair, the person using the stair lift chair and whatever else they may have with them could cause some damage to the wall, which would ultimately end up hurting the performance of the chair. Not with Acorn, since Acorn stair lifts fit to the stairs, your stair lift is as strong as your stairs are, which are made to support the weight of people ascending and descending.

In addition to the three regular models, Acorn offers a fourth perch model. This fourth model accommodates customers who have narrow stairs or trouble bending their knees to make the clearance of their stairs. If you have arthritis or fibromyalgia, this model is definitely ideal because it will reduce any further wear and tear on your knees.

Currently their are two different seat models in stair lift packages: the 80 and the 120. The model 80 is currently on the Curved stair lift package, while the Straight and Outdoor packages offer the model 120. The only real difference between the two models would be aesthetics and the amount of weight, which the two seats hold. The model 80 holds up to 235 lbs, and the model 120 handles up to 350 lbs.

Unfortunately, Acorn stair lifts are not covered by Medicare at this time, so you would have pay for your stair lift on your own or find assistance through various organizations, including the Visiting Nurses Association and Veteran’s Administration.


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