Does Medicare Cover Any of the Costs for Buying Stairlifts?

Persons with mobility problems often ask, “Does Medicare cover any of the costs for buying a stairlift?” Unfortunately, it does not matter if you choose the Acorn Stairlift or Bruno stair lift installation, Medicare has determined that stair lifts are not a medical necessity and thus will not pay for the installation of a stair lift.

Adding a stair elevator such as the acorn stair lifts can give a person with mobility problems access to other levels of their home. While Medicare does not pay for the Acorn stair lifts, stairlifts are often covered for persons with veteran’s benefits through the VA. In addition, there are several private foundations that may help to pay to have Acorn stairway lifts installed in homes of persons needing the help a stairlift could give. Several such foundations are found on the official website of acorn stairlifts.

Many people have found that the acorn stairlift is superior to some of the stairway chair lifts offered by other companies. Acorn lifts employ the state of the art rack and pinion gear system to efficiently and smoothly lift the stair chair up to the other level of the home. Chair lifts that use older cable drives have far more bumps and jumps along the ride. In addition, the acorn stair lift offers a remote control instead of the control that is tethered by a cable to the chair lifts.

The Acorn chair lift can be configured to match almost any staircase. If the home has a narrow staircase, the platform lifts are often the best choice, especially if the person using the lift needs the help due to a lack of being able to bend his or her knees. When not in use, the platform of the stairway elevator can be folded to save space. Stairs that have landings and make bends can benefit from curved stair lifts. The curved stair lift is designed to take the individual from the bottom of the stairs to the top without having to transfer at the landing.

Persons seeking disabled lifts that are unable to afford the quality of the acorn stair lift may benefit from purchasing used stairlifts. Used stair lift prices are generally only a fraction of the cost of a new stair chair lift. A wheelchair stair lift is appropriate in some cases. Unlike stair lift chairs the wheelchair stair lifts do not require the person to transfer at the top and bottom of the stairs.


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