Stairlifts by Acorn: Worry Free Operation

Climbing stairs can be a difficult task for the elderly, it is an impossible task for the sick and infirm. When climbing stairs becomes too difficult or impossible the solution does not have to be moving everything onto one floor. Giving up personal freedom and comfort should not be a requirement of getting older. With an Acorn chairlift, there is no need to lose the freedom and comfort of a multi level home.

A stairway lift or stairway elevator provides a way up the stairs for the infirm or handicapped person. The operation is simple and stairlifts can be custom built to fit any stairway. The Acorn stair lifts are custom built to the specifications of each home. These disabled lifts are built with modern construction and convenient features such as swivel chairs, rack and pinion drive, DC battery power and remote control convenience. Access is easy as sitting in the chair and the operation up or down the rail is smooth, quiet and comfortable. Transferring from a wheeled chair to the chair on the Acorn lift is easy with the swivel chair that will accommodate any person. The operation is smooth and effortless as the drive mechanism slowly carries the chair along without any chain or belt drive creating a jerky motion. The padded chair provides support and comfort to the occupant and allows sitting at a normal posture as opposed to the small folding chairs that accompany some chair lifts.

All Acorn stair lifts are covered by a full warranty covering installation, parts and workmanship. The actual gearbox and motor assembly, which are the only operating parts of the stair lift mechanism, are covered by a lifetime warranty. Should anything happen to the mechanical lifting mechanism, the rack drive or the motor that operates the chair lift for the lifetime of the homeowner, their product will be repaired or replaced at no expense. There is no question this is the best warranty available in the business. The other parts of the lift, including the curved chairlift track, the chair and the parts that allow for access are covered by warranties also. The normal warranty period is one year from date of installation on all parts other than the operating system. Extended warranties are available for up to five years, covering all parts of the chairlift. This gives peace of mind and assurance that Acorn will be there for its customers long into the future.


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