Why Acorn Stairlifts Are Better Than Ameriglide Stair Lifts

Anyone who has ever done any comparison shopping for stair lift prices has likely noticed that Amerigilide stair lifts tend to be much less expensive than Acorn stair lifts. This may cause them to question Why The Acorn Stair Lifts Are Better Than Ameriglide Stair Lifts and if the price difference is justified. The following information may help shoppers to make the decision fro themselves.

Acorn stair lifts use a much newer technology that that which is used by Ameriglide. The latter disabled lifts continue to use cable pulls to raise and lower their stairway chair lifts while the former uses a state of the art rack and pinion gear drive technology. This technology, while more expensive gives the person using the acorn chair lift a much smoother ride from the bottom of the stairs to the top. That smoother ride gives the user a greater sense of confidence as they use Acorn stairway lifts to ride the stair lift.

Stairs in a home can become a real challenge to persons who develop mobility problems. Stair lifts can restore access to the whole home to the mobility challenged person. The stairlift, also known as a stair elevator uses the existing stairwell to provide the access to other levels of the home.

Most consumer reviews favor the acorn stair lifts over those made by Ameriglide. Acorn stairlifts offer a superior drive mechanism and a wireless remote control, where as the competitor uses the remote that dangles from the chair about three feet. The acorn stairlift offers a better solution for most homes. In addition, when comparing stairway chair lifts, Acorn lifts offer an all around better quality. Consumers report such things as cheap feeling chairs, motors wired backward and bent tracks on the Ameriglide chair lifts that are not reported on the Acorn stair lift.

Parts of the savings of the Ameriglide system are offered through allowing customers to make their own installation. When comparing stairlifts prices of the stair chair lift products, customers should realize that the price of the Acorn stair product includes the installation fee. Persons bound to a wheelchair might have difficulty in installing their own wheelchair stair lift.

One of the greatest advantages of the rack and pinion system is that they allow for use on stairs that make bends. These curved stairlifts allow the person to make the entire trip on the curved stair lift without having to change seats at the landing where the stairs bend.

While the stair chair is perfect for the person who has problems standing and thus difficulty in climbing the stairs, the platform lifts make the perfect stairway elevator for the person that has difficulty in bending the knees. The person simply stands on the platform and holds onto a handgrip for the entire trip.

Since Medicare does not cover the cost of stair lifts, many persons may be interested in purchasing used stairlifts. The used Acorn product offer the longer life needed for a great home improvement.


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