Are Acorn Stairlifts Harder to Repair Than Other Stairway Lifts?

Before you purchase one or even several Acorn stair lifts, you may ask yourself, “Are Acorn Stairlift Harder to Repair than Other Stairway Lifts?” According to most of the consumer reports amassed from stair lift users all over the country and according to acorn lifts’ own claims that their products are easy to install, the answer is no, Acorn stairway lifts are not harder to repair than other brands.

Although many features set these stairlifts apart from other companies who make a stairlift product, some of the most important are those features that lend themselves to easy repair. For instance, acorn stair lifts were one of the first in the industry to feature DC power. What this feature means is that the acorn stairlifts will not lose power during an electrical outage or when a fuse blows because they are backed up with batteries. Not only does this help the consumer because they will never be stranded upstairs, downstairs or half way in between, but it also helps the acorn stairlift because it protects it from the eventuality that during a power outage a user may damage it by shoving it manually up the stairs, which could led to breakage.

Most acorn stair lift include a lifetime warranty with purchase which may not be something that other stair elevator or stairway chair lifts companies offer. Therefore, even if your stair chair breaks, the acorn chair lift company will take care of the repairing or replacement for you so you do not have to worry about it.

Not all chair lifts are made equal, and when you start shopping for stair lift chairs, you will want to do some comparison shopping. Do not only consider the stairlifts prices. You will put your life in the stair chair lift almost every day so do not merely choose a manufacturer with the lowest stair lift prices, but choose a company that has a high consumer rating and has positive feedback about it online. You should also pick a company that offers a variety of products like disabled lifts, platform lifts, a wheelchair stair lift, curved stairlifts, or even a stairway elevator so that when your needs change, you do not have to change your allegiance to another company. Moving to a new home or moving in with family may require you to buy a curved stair lift, and if your mobility decreases then you may need to look into wheelchair stair lifts.

Whether you choose to look at used stairlifts or new acorn stair lifts make sure that you do some research before making your final purchase. An acorn stair lift offers many features not least of which is that the answer to the question “Are Acorn Stairlift Harder To Repair Than Other Stairway Lifts?” is always no.


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