How Do Acorn Stair Chair Lifts Rate


One of the most important factors to consider when buying anything is its cost. Acorn stair lifts rate favorably with other stairlifts when it come to stairlifts prices. Acorn stairway lifts may not be the cheapest stair elevator however, they also do not have too expensive stair lift prices and offer a better quality than you would expect from the cheapest stairlift. This makes acorn stairlifts affordable yet reputable.

Acorn Stair Chair Lift Ratings are high because their machines come with a comprehensive 12 month warranty. This will cover all stair lift parts including motor and gearbox. Other manufacturers my only give a limited warranty for their stairway chair lifts. The acorn lifts are manufactured by a large company so follow-up service and reliability is one of their strong points.

When it comes to curved stairlifts Acorn, have a unique modular curved rail, which is suitable for most curved stairways. The acorn stair lifts can be installed in curved stairways where other chair lifts are not installable.

Acorn stairlift was one of the first stair lift chairs to operate on DC power. This makes their disabled lifts safer during power outages. The footrest also has sensors, which detect anything in the way of the stair lift. The acorn stair lift company is one of the oldest manufacturers of a stair chair lift giving them more time to develop safety features.

The acorn stair chair comes with two remote controls, if the stair chair is at the opposite end of the stairs from the user it can be sent automatically using the remote. This is an important feature when more than one person is using the stairway elevator because if someone has taken the stairway lifts to another floor it is easily sent back with the remote.

In general, wheelchair stair lifts are not as practical as a well designed Acorn machines. The platform lifts are another alternative to a chair lift, these are great machines and do the job well however they are more expensive and require considerable construction and space for their installation. A wheelchair stair lift can be very bulky and space consuming whereas the acorn chair lift is compact and foldable leaving room on the stairs for pedestrians to use while unobstructed by wheelchair stair lifts.

The used stairlifts are a cheaper alternative and good ones can be found. Unfortunately there is a double cost of uninstalling it and the adapting it to a new stairway for installation. The used lift usually would not have a warranty and finding servicing may be more difficult.

Acorn stair chair lifts get good ratings because of their affordability while marinating quality and serviceability. Their 12 month warranty and serviceability gives them a great advantage over other stairlifts. The acorn stair chair has a great design and safety futures developed from years of experience in the industry. The stairlifts also have many advantages over platform lifts wheelchair stair lifts.


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