Acorn Stairlifts Complaints You Need to Know


There are many people who are unable to go up and down the stairs of their home due to a disability or poor health. Elderly individuals and those who have certain illnesses or disabilities can benefit from having a stair lift installed in their home. With the help of a stairlift, someone can easily get to a different floor of the home, making it possible for someone to access second floor bathrooms and bedrooms. A stair chair lift is a mechanical apparatus that lifts people and their wheelchairs to other levels of the home. The addition of a wheelchair stair lift makes it possible for those with a disability to continue living in their multilevel home. A stair chair lift mechanism is perfect for someone who has become wheelchair bound and wishes to maintain his or her independence.

The Acorn Stairlift is a popular choice for many homeowners. Acorn stairway lifts are available for different types of staircases and are specially fitted for various sizes of stairways. Straight rail stairlifts are easy to install and usually do not require many special adjustments. A curved stairlift is designed for curved staircases, which are popular, in many modern homes. The curved stairlifts take longer to install then the straight rail lifts, and careful measurements must be taken in order to ensure a perfect fit. Wheelchair platform lifts are usually installed outdoors to accommodate wheelchair users who need to get up and down the front steps of their home. Pre-owned or used stairlifts can also be installed in homes if the lift is a good fit.

Although there are many satisfied customers who have purchased Acorn stairlifts, there are also quite a few common Acorn stairlifts complaints. Since stairlifts prices can be quite high, people expect the quality of the lift to be excellent. Some customers have found that their stair elevator did not work as well as advertised or they feel that their wheelchair stair lift is made of low quality parts. Some acorn stairlifts last for years while others break down in a relatively short amount of time.

Another common acorn stairlift complaint is that the company does not always honor its customer’s lifetime warrantees. Acorn customers can choose to pay extra money on top of regular stair lift prices if they wish to purchase an extended or lifetime warrantee. Customers with warranties may be surprised when their acorn stair lift breaks down and the company fails to fix their lift. Customers have reported that the company dodged their phone calls and blamed the dealer for stairlift problems, failing to take responsibility and fix or replace the malfunctioning acorn chair lift. Some customers are able to hire an independent worker to repair malfunctioning acorn stair lifts, but in some cases, an acorn stair mechanism cannot be repaired and the customer must deal with the financial loss.

Those looking for a solid warrantee on stair lift chairs should consider Bruno Stair Lift Installation. Bruno is one of the top manufacturers of wheelchair stair lifts and the company can provide customers with high quality stairway chair lifts. Bruno is known for providing stylish disabled lifts to their customers, so anyone who is interested in installing an elegant stairway elevator should find out more about the products that Bruno has to offer.


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