The Truth About Acorn Stair Lift Company and Its Products

This article is about the use, qualities and benefits of stair lifts to those who have reason to make use of these products. Stair lifts are manufactured by a number of different companies but the company under discussion in this article is the Acorn stair lift company as well as the benefits of its products.

As the name suggests, a stair lift is a device used by certain categories of people who live upstairs to climb up and down the stairs. Basically, a stair lift is a mechanical device that is used for lifting people and wheel chairs up and down stairs in homes and offices. There are quite a number of companies that manufacture stair lifts. However, of all these companies, the most popular is the Acorn stair lift company.

This company operates in the United States of America but it also has offices in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the United Kingdom. According to the company, over 100, 000 people use its products and these people are satisfied with the service that Acorn offers them.

Acorn stair lifts are not just for those who have to use wheel chairs. These products are used by anybody that has a reason to use stair lifts. This may include very old people, those who suffer from osteoporosis or even people who have had a stroke. In fact, according to some Acorn customers, people who are recovering from illness can also use Acorn stairway lifts in its different categories.

According to some of its customers, Acorn lifts are unique in the sense that there are different brands of its products available to a wide variety of people. People who are not paralyzed can use the stair elevator and the Acorn chair lifts. On the other hand, there are products called disabled lifts. These can come in the form of wheel chair stair lifts which are simply attached to the stairs and are very convenient to use by disabled people.

Some of the reasons why Acorn products are so popular include the fact that these products are designed and manufactured with the convenience of the customer in mind. Acorn stairway lifts do not require planning permission. They simply fit into the stairs and not the walls. Therefore, they can be used in most buildings and even offices.

Other advantages of these products, according to those who have used them, include the fact that they have wireless remote controlled mechanism. Some can be folded up when not in use and some Acorn products are battery powered. This means they can work perfectly even there is a power outage. The Acorn super glide stair lift also comes in the form of a curved stair lift or even platform wheelchair stair lifts.

Stair lift prices can vary depending on the product chosen and other factors. There are also used stair lifts on offer but it is recommended that people buy and use brand new products if they can afford them. Finally, Acorn stair lifts have the basic advantage of quality, safety, durability and convenience. This is the reason for the success and the immense popularity of this very efficient product.