Acorn Solutions for Multiple Requirements

Acorn stair lifts are an excellent way to help a less able person cope around the home. A stair lift is a device that can automate and thus remove the difficulty of ascending and descending stairs, and a good Acorn stairway lift can do this easily and comfortably. Here we will look at the Acorn 120 Sit or Stand stairlifts, and their features and benefits.

Some people have difficulty standing or traversing stairs. Some, on the other hand, may find sitting difficult as bending their knees is painful. One of the main advantages of the 120 series stair elevator is the ability to facilitate both those who prefer sitting and those who prefer standing. The same model of stairway elevator can serve both, which makes it ideal for households with varied requirements.

The 120 model also comes with a well-padded seat and backrest, which help to keep the user as comfortable as possible. Similarly, the simple and easy to use directional toggle switch works well even for those whose dexterity is limited. This high quality Acorn chair lift will easily satisfy people of many different needs.

Unlike some disabled lifts, the 120 folds away very neatly, with its footrest, its seat, and its arms all capable of folding in order to allow unimpeded access to the stairs for able-bodied folk. These stair chair lifts are also safer than many platform lifts owing to their multiple safety sensors, which ensure that no obstructions are present which might present a danger. The remote controls included with the Acorn lifts allow someone to call the lift from either end, and can also be used to send the chair to the other end; either the top or the bottom of the staircase. A digital display is included for diagnostics, which can warn the user of any dangers or issues that might have arisen in the lift’s function.

Installation is sometimes an issue with many such lifts, including wheelchair stair lifts and the like. A wheelchair stair lift can especially be a problem due to the space required. However, the Acorn models are designed specifically to aid installation and make it as simple and easy as possible. You can get both straight and curved stairlifts, and in either case the lift simply attached to your existing staircase, negating the need for any major restructuring. Even a curved stair lift can be installed quite simply with this method.

An Acorn stair lift is a high quality product which will serve you well for many years to come. Although stair lift prices can seem high at first glance, it is always important to take into consideration the benefits they offer, not to mention the very low running costs. It is expected that a good stairlift will cost less than even an ordinary appliance like a kettle in running costs long-term. You might even consider the option of used stairlifts, as these can sometimes offer even better value.