Which Stair Lift Manufacturer Should I Select for a Self Installed Lift?

For millions of people, stairlifts are a simple solution to a big problem. If you or someone you live with has problems climbing stairs, a stairlift resolves the issue so that you do not have to move out of the house you love. Also called a stair elevator, this is a simple mechanical device that is installed in your existing stairway. Stairway chair lifts consist of a chair or standing platform mounted on a rail. An electrical or battery-powered motor brings you in the stair chair safely and easily to the upper stories of your house. Chair lifts can be self-installed or installed by professionals. If you have already decided that a stair lift is the right solution for you, and you have decided to install yourself, then you will be asking the question: Which Stair Lift Manufacturer Should I Select for a Self Installed Lift?

Be advised that the only manufacturers who offer a warranty for self-installed stair lift chairs are TK Access, Summit, and Acorn. Acorn stair lifts are highly regarded for their ergonomic light design and flexible installation options. Acorn stairway lifts offer a folding seat so that the device easily converts from use as a chair to be used standing up. Carefully follow all instructions when installing, and you should experience years of faultless operation. Many people choose Acorn stair lifts because the design is simple and elegant and does not clash with a home’s interior.

Acorn stairlifts operate on DC battery power. This provides a quieter, more gentle ride. An Acorn stairlift is a good choice for someone with back pain. The obvious disadvantage with Acorn lifts is that run down batteries will need replacing. Whether you choose an Acorn stair lift or another brand, be sure that the seat is an appropriate height for you. Acorn stair and others take up about eight to ten inches at the side of your stairway, so make sure that your stairway will accommodate a stair chair lift.

Another important consideration is the shape of your stairs. Curved stairs will require a curved stair lift, and this could require professional installation. Curved stairlifts may be a bit more expensive, but not unreasonably so. Used stairlifts are also an option. Like with any mechanical device, however, a warranty offers peace of mind.

After you have decided if you want a battery powered or electric stairway elevator or platform lifts, and made sure that your situation can accommodate disabled lifts, you will be wondering about stair lift prices. Although stairlift prices can seem high at first glance, it is really quite reasonable when you consider that it gives you back full access to your house. In the end, wheelchair stair lifts and chair lifts cost pennies a day.


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