How to and Who Will Repair My Stairlift

After paying a considerable amount of money, having your chair stair lifts installed the last thing you want to be involved in is a costly repair situation. Regardless of what type of stair lift you have installed Acorn stairway lifts, a wheelchair stair lift, a straight stair lift or a curved stair lift, the basic design of all of these lifts is similar. When you raise the question of how to and who will repair my stairlift you have two options available to you. You can call up the company that installed the stair lift, call the company you purchased it from and they in turn will contact the company that installed it or you can try to repair the issue yourself.

If you are considering attempting to do any repairs yourself one thing you need to be aware of is whether or not you will void any warranties by working on your chair lift on your own. If this is not the case then you may proceed only if you are the type of individual who has been working with your hands throughout your life or you are adept at minor mechanical repairs. If you have never worked on machines, appliances or other mechanical devices, it is probably not a good idea to begin at this time. However there are some preventative maintenance checks that you can do on your own that may help to avoid the need of an outside technician.

The most common repair issue documented is customers calling in saying that the lift chair will not move. It is understood that this can be a very frustrating experience and customers may become irate in a short period of time when experiencing this type of mechanical failure. The solution to this most common issue is that the battery is not properly charged. Therefore, before you call your local repair man be sure to check to see if your battery is fully charged. Secondly, most wheelchair stair lifts and even stairway chairlifts have a safety switch. You should check to ensure the safety switch is in the working position otherwise as a safety precaution it is doing its job and that is not allowing your stair lift to operate. For any other repair issues you should be sure to fully look through the installation manual that came with your stairway chairlift. This manual will give you detailed instructions including pictures of every component that is on your chairlift and thereby make it possible to pinpoint your problem area and successfully repair your stair lift chair.

If however you are not dexterous enough or not inclined to do your own repairs the first thing that you should check is your warranty. Many chairlift warranties can be extended for up to 24 months and will typically cover the cost of parts but not labor. Even though you may be able to do the repairs yourself you will still have to call a reliable company in order to purchase any replacement parts that you may need. It is more convenient and easier to simply call the company and ask for the repair man to come out and check your chairlift and then decide if you will have them repair it or you will repair it on your own.

Similar in function and appearance to a wheelchair lift a chairlift does pretty much the same job. It is not a very complex machine and they are usually installed in your stairway that consists of five main system components. These components are the track, the drive, the chair, the controls and the power systems. A stairway chair lift help to give needed mobility to individuals that have issues in this area and helps to make the lives of those who cannot constantly climb up and downstairs much easier. Stair lifts allow seniors as well as those with mobility issues to move between different levels of their home easily and safely.


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