How to Measure Your Stairs for a Perfect Fit

Acorn stair lifts are wonderful devices which make many people’s lives easier day to day, but many people are perturbed by the notion of installation, because they have the idea that it is very difficult or costly. This really is not the case, however. Many Acorn stairway lifts can be installed quite easily, as with stairlifts generally, and there is no need to avoid getting a good stair elevator just because you are unfamiliar with its installation. Acorn stairlifts are custom-built, and as a result they require a precise measurement of your existing stairs. In this article we will discuss how to measure the stair for a perfect fit, and hopefully this information will help you on your way to getting a good Acorn stairlift and improving the quality of life of a less able person.

No tools are needed in order to measure your stair correctly for an Acorn stair lift other than a tape measure. The first step is to get a rough appraisal of the situation and decide on which side the stair chair should be mounted. You should decide this when looking up from the bottom of the stairs in order to avoid confusion. It is important to leave enough room for the stair chair lift – you will need about an extra eight inches beyond the top step and fourteen inches beyond the bottom step, where the rail will meet the floor.

Obviously, any obstructions are unwanted, so pay attention to possible issues which might intrude on the chair lifts travel, such as radiators, doorways or handrails. These obstructions may need to be modified in order to make room for the stair lift. It is vital that any stairlift have plenty of room to safely operate, given that the safety of a less able person will depend on it functioning reliably. Having taken any possible obstructions into consideration, the side on which stairway chair lifts should be installed will be obvious.

The overall length of the stairs should be measured from the top step to the floor, where the rail will end. The width of the staircase should be measured in a number of different places, and you should note its most narrow point, as this will be the limiting factor. Make sure that there is at least 24 inches of clear space at the bottom. You should similarly measure the height and depth of each step, and also the diagonal distance between the noses of adjacent steps. Average several to be more accurate. Finally, carefully count the exact number of steps.

With this information, a suitable Acorn chair lift can be made for you. You will also be able to see whether any used stairlifts might fit the bill. It is never wise to be too thrifty with disabled lifts, but stair lift prices can be high, and a used stairway elevator might be a good solution. Measurements for wheelchair stair lifts and curved stairlifts should be done slightly differently, but these will suit any straight Acorn stair chair lift excellently.


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