Acorns Perfect Stair Lift for Straight Staircases

The Acorn Perfect Stair Lift for Straight Staircases is typically considered to be their 120 model. These Acorn stair lifts offer a variety of features and can be fitted on any indoor or outdoor straight staircases. The Acorn stairway lifts are some of the best and most innovative on the market. Their stair lift offers comfort, safety and enhanced function.

As far as comfort, these stairlifts can hold weight up to 350 pounds, and the stairlift has a comfortable seat and back rest. However, if bending at the knees is difficult, the stair elevator can be bought with a perch or stand option. The acorn stair lifts also offer a very gentle start and stop motion so that you are not jostled by it.

As far as safety, the acorn stairlifts have several features. Mounting them to the stairs rather than the wall gives them added stability. The acorn stairlift resists tampering from curious guests with its lockable off switch. The stairway chair lifts have a seat that will lock while you mount it so that it does not turn quickly and cause you to fall. With its easy to use joystick or paddles, it is certain that you will not become stranded mid way up the stairs on your acorn stair lift.

The acorn lifts also have a host of functions. This stair chair can be folded back so that you can use the full width of the stairway as needed for other purposes. The chair lifts will not stop when a fuse is blown or a power outage occurs because they are backed up by battery power. The stair lift chairs are easy to install which may save you the additional cost of installation if you have a handy family member or a trusted friend who is willing to do the installation for you.

The acorn stair lift is affordable, and although stairlifts prices vary, stair lift prices can be as low as $2, 500. If you need something more complicated than a straight stair chair lift like disabled lifts, platform lifts, a wheelchair stair lift, curved stairlifts, or a stairway elevator, then you may be required to spend more money. However, when it helps you as much as a curved stair lift or the various wheelchair stair lifts will, then price should be no option. However, if you need to save money, then look into purchasing used stairlifts.

An Acorn chair lift is one of the best solutions to your mobility needs. If you need help climbing up or down your stairs, than look into the many enhanced safety, comfort, and functional features of the Acorn Perfect Stair Lift for Straight Staircases. They will give you the ability to access all levels of your home safely and comfortably.


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