Acorn Stair Lift to Access All Floors of Your Home Safely and Securely

When life makes navigating staircases difficult, the solution is one of the Acorn Stair Lifts. Use the Acorn Stair Lift to Access All Floors of Your Home Safely and Securely, whether you have a straight stairway or a curved one, whether you require a lift for outdoor use or for indoors.

Acorn stairway lifts fit the stairs, not the wall. The modular designs allow great flexibility even in small spaces. Stair lifts can be folded away to permit full use of the staircase. Stairlifts can be installed with an extension that will shorten the distance from the landing to the destination (bedroom or bathroom). Acorn lifts are available in a number of configurations to suit every need. Equipped with sensors, the stairlift will detect obstacles and prevent collisions, is simple to operate, and can be installed in configurations that take into account the needs of each client, whether bending knees is an issue, or standing for long periods, or even pressing buttons. Grandparents can install stair lift chairs without worrying about visiting grandchildren.

A stair elevator can take a wheelchair to an upper or a lower level without the need for a steep ramp or the danger of tipping over. Wheelchair stair lifts can also be installed outdoors or indoors, and make navigating an inconvenient threshold a simple matter. The wheelchair stair lift can be folded to allow others the use of the stairway.

Acorn stair lifts can be found used, but while the price break can be alluring, used stairlifts cannot be fully customized either to a location or to a client’s requirements, and will never offer the same assurance of safety as a new acorn stair lift, nor will it carry the warranty of new acorn stairlifts. In particular, a used curved stair lift cannot be retrofitted to a new location. The acorn chair lift is customized for each client and home.

When a household requires more than one type of stair chair lift, there is an acorn stair solution. The Sit or Stand acorn stairlift can be used, as it name implies, both sitting and in standing position, by a person who has trouble bending knees and the one who does not. There is no need to install two stairway chair lifts when one acorn stairlift installation can solve the problem.

Contact Acorn for a free consultation and quotation to find out about stairlift prices. The location, width, height, and shape of your staircase will determine the configuration of your stairway elevator, and the trained representative will be able to quote the best stair lift prices for your needs.


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