Troubleshooting Acorn Stair Lifts Issues

There are some convenient products made today to help people get around in their homes who may have difficulty with mobility. The Acorn stair lifts are one of the more popular brands used to help people get up and down a staircase. The various models of Acorn stairway lifts are chair units that connect to a track, which is placed along the inside baseboard on a staircase. As with many types of electrical devices, there are some problems that may arise from time to time that most people can fix on their own.

A stair chair lift often comes with a seat that can be adjusted. If your model has a swivel seat that needs adjusting the LED display on the arm will indicate this by showing a yellow light. This means the swivel switch needs an adjustment, which can be done using a simple screwdriver. To access this mechanism you need to remove the seat and the plastic index cover. You simply need to loosen the nuts and reposition the bolts until five or six threads show above the nut and then tighten it back up. After you complete this task, you simply replace the plastic cover and the seat. The chair should be positioned so it faces directly across the stairs.

Another minor adjustment often required on acorn stairlifts is in the footrest region. You may need to reposition this item to make the angle more comfortable for your feet to sit on while using the device. To correct this problem on your chair lift you will use a standard screwdriver, an allen wrench and a torque wrench. Remove the cover for the footrest. All you need to do to reposition this is loosen the allen bolts and the whole mechanism becomes movable. Once you have repositioned the unit you can tighten all the necessary nuts and bolts to secure it in place.

For owners of the various lift products there may be times when you need professional help in solving a problem. This will depend on the type of product you have because a curved stairlifts, wheelchair stair lifts and used stairlifts will have different warranties and also different parts. If the main motor functions are not working and the unit does not move along the rail, has a burning motor smell or is making a strange noise, you will need to contact the repair technicians in order to get the unit running smoothly again.


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