Stair Lifts for Commercial Use

For anyone who is disabled or who has a disabled person living in their home and has trouble getting up and down the stairs, an Acorn stair lift can be the perfect solution. Acorn stair lifts can be used for residential and commercial use, and the Acorn name is one of the most prominent and respected in the world of stair lift chairs.

The Acorn Company offers modern stairlifts that has been doing so for over a decade now. The company originally started by purchasing and reconditioning stairlifts, but soon realized they could offer the public a better designed, more efficient and affordable stair elevator. Their stairlifts stand above the competition, offering more advanced and helpful features than other models of stairlift on the market today.

There are some impressive benefits offered by the Acorn stairlifts. For one, they are reliant on DC power rather than on cables and wires. This makes them much easier to install and there is not the mess of chunky cables and wires lying around. An Acorn stairlift also features a locking swivel seat, which helps make it easier for you to get in and out of the chair. Unlike other chair lifts, you do not have to twist when getting in or out of the stairlift. There are electronic and mechanical brakes built into an Acorn stair lift, which helps in the event the power were to go out, you would not have to worry about the stair chair careening out of control. If this were to happen, the mechanical brakes would set in and bring the Acorn stair lift to a safe, slow stop.

Acorn offers straight wheelchair stair lifts for basic straight staircases, curved stair lift models for curved or otherwise more complex staircases, and even outdoor stairway elevator options. The straight Acorn chair lift or the Acorn 120 model is the most commonly used model of stairlift. It works on basic straight staircases and fits to the stairs, not the wall. The slim line foldaway design ensures you can have the chair out of the way when not in use, allowing easy access to the staircase for others. The curved model or 80 model features a padded seat and backrest, a seat belt for added security, and folding arms, seat and footrest. The outdoor models offer the same safety features, with added protection for withstanding the elements.

For anyone interested in learning more about purchasing an Acorn stair lift such as the stairlifts prices, more about the features offered on these disabled lifts, or if you want to find out any other information on the Acorn platform lifts. You can call and get a free consultation as well as a free quotation, right over the phone. There is no obligation, and their friendly and qualified representatives are more than happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.


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