About Electric Stair Chair

When you learn About Electric Stair Chair options, it is apparent how revolutionary this technology is today. A stair chair lift is the premier way for people with limited mobility to manage these obstacles in their home, and there are several quality manufacturers from which to choose. Two of the top brands are Silver Cross and Acorn stair lifts.

Silver Cross manufactures and recycles disabled lifts and can accommodate any staircase style, including curved stairlifts. Recycling old units is a way of keeping costs down, and making this mobility solution available to more people. Having an electric stair chair makes the entire house accessible, the way it should be. The chairs from Silver Cross and Acorn are comfortable and move without effort on the part of the user.

Electric chair technology is simple to use. Designed to use household outlets, the lift does not need a battery. The homeowner can be confident their stairway elevator will be ready when they need it. With back-up fuses installed in most electric models, the user need not worry about the chair going down for extended periods of time.

Battery operated units are sold as well, and have an advantage over electric only units in areas prone to outages. Homeowners considering this option will want a battery-charging station at the top and bottom of the stairway. The unit should be charging whenever it is not in use. Electric disabled lifts should always be installed by a professional and in accordance with local building codes. The optimum choice is an electric model with a battery back up.

Acorn lifts offer simple installation instructions on their website, and the unit is intended to be low maintenance. Nonetheless, hire an experienced company or contractor to do the work and ensure no details are missed. Bruno Stair Lift Installation and manufacturing produces ISO 9000 certified units and quality installation services, as well. There are some key points to consider about installation when buying a stairlift through Bruno, acorn stairlifts or any other company.

The rail must be mounted to the stair’s treads and not into the wall, and all stairway steps must be good repair. Narrow steps may require special adjustments. Inquire with the dealer or installer if treads are less than 38″ wide. The seat height is a consideration if a person has difficulty getting up from a wheelchair, or is of short stature. Seat height can be adjusted to accommodate the user. For a smoother ride, inquire with the dealer about using a lift using DC power, especially if the homeowner has lower back pain.

Shop at two or three stores before deciding to purchase an electric stair chair. If possible, have a trustworthy contractor ready to do the job before going shopping. They can be a valuable resource if installation questions arise.


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