Top 17 Stair Lift Tips

Top 17 Stair Lift Tips For Buyers:

1. The chair lift can be stopped before it reaches the bottom step. Acorn stair lifts are totally supported by brackets attached to the stairs.

2. Stairways in good shape do not need any additional support for a stair lift. When the Bruno Stair Lift Installation is done, the contractor will inspect the stairway.

3. Acorn stairway lifts cannot be modified by removing the arms for a wider seating area. The arms and seat belt secure the person moving from one level to another.

4. To accommodate doorways at the landings, the stairlift rails can be moved away from the wall if there is adequate width. All Acorn stairway lifts are tested to make sure the user has adequate room.

5. Only the comfortable chair is to be used for transportation from one level to another; the foot rests of acorn chair lifts are not designed to hold the weight of a person in transit.

6. Stairway chair lifts used outside require special design accommodations.

7. Outdoor acorn stair lifts have special covers for the motor and chair and may even have a heater for cold climates.

8. This stair elevator operates on a switch; to keep unauthorized people from using this fun transportation machines a key lock can be installed. Without a key being inserted, the acorn stairlift will not move.

9. Most acorn lifts are installed in personal residence; an acorn stair lift in an area that can be used by other people is classified as commercial installation.

10. Installation of any stair chair lifting device in the public areas of a condominium is commercial installation.

11. All chairlifts are rated for maximum weight; when people push the weight limit the units wear out quicker and take longer to move from level to level.

12. Most acorn stair providers do not publish lists of used disabled lifts or stair lift prices.

13. A buyer considering a previously owned stair chair lift should call before making a special trip.

14. Platform lifts come in two styles: AC, which plugs into electricity and DC, which has a battery backup.

15. Many people prefer an AC only wheelchair stair lift; this stairway elevator is less complicated.

16. The batteries in curved stairlifts should last several years.

17. A stairway elevator should never be modified; any change in a curved stair lift voids the warranty.

An Acorn Stairlift is a freedom machine. Wheelchair stair lifts allow people the full use of their home. Learning the benefits of stairlifts is easy with education about the acorn chair lift, used stairlifts and chair lift prices. The sense of independence and safety provided is well worth the cost of these life enhancing machines.


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