Stairlifts Shopping Tips and Reviews

Contemporary stairlifts provide easy access to all floors of the home. Referred to as a stairlift chair or stair elevator, these devices help those with limited mobility by moving them up and down staircases with smooth electric or battery-powered action. Chair lifts are made for straight and curved rails, and there are several quality brands to choose from. These Stairlifts Reviews will highlight a few of the more popular brands.

When considering an electric or battery-operated lifts, a few factors need to be examined. Cost is foremost on the list, especially for those with limited or fixed incomes. Expect to pay between $1500 or more for a decent unit. Used models begin under $2000, while new will cost upwards of three thousand, but may include installation. Reliability is paramount. Choosing a good manufacturer with a solid reputation is important, as is having a reliable warranty. If the unit is being installed by the owner, be sure the warranty will still be valid. Some companies refuse to honor a manufacturer’s defect or wear and tear if the unit was not installed by a professional.

Consider the seasoning of the product. Most platform lifts or wheelchair stair lifts will have complaints when they first hit the market. Carefully examine newer models and lean towards those with fewer recent complaints. The type of lifting system is a consideration as well, but not as important as the reputation of the company or their customer service or performance of the lift. There are two common drive systems to consider, the first and most common is the cable drive, the second is rack and pinion. Neither is without some maintenance, so check the performance records of the specific unit being shopped.

Top models and manufacturers for a straight staircase include Summit Pinnacle, the Sterling 1000 and the Bruno Elite. The Elite includes Bruno Stair Lift Installation on a mid-range budget. The Elite has a rating of excellent for reliability, but scores low on looks and style. What it lacks in sophistication it makes up for with versatile adjustments and as mentioned, lower cost.

The Sterling 1000 rates as high as any of the quality disabled lifts. It has a higher price range, but receives scores of ‘excellent’ in cosmetics, reliability and custom adjustments. Of the three deluxe chairs mentioned, the Summit Pinnacle is a close second, with a lower price range than the Sterling; the Pinnacle combines style with durability and easy adjusting for most users.

Homeowners with curved staircases have the Sterling 2000, ThyssenKrupp Flow II and Stair Climber to choose from, among others. The ThyssenKrupp has the weakest marks of all three, which is mentioned for its unique style. It scores lower on quality and comfort than the others.

Before purchasing a chair lift, find a comfortable fit and make sure it can be adjusted. Shop several models before committing any money.


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