Stair Lifts Comparison Guide

A stair lift comparison guide can be very helpful when looking for a stair lift, also called a stair elevator or stair chair. There are many stairlifts available on the market and deciding on one can be frustrating if you are not sure what questions to ask. This article will help you with those questions.

Disabled lifts can improve the life of anyone who has problems getting up or down stairs. Stairway chair lifts come in many different styles and types. Curved stairlifts are designed for curving stairs and they are different from chair lifts for straight stairs. There are also stair lift chairs for outdoors as well as indoors. Acorn stairway lifts are available for very narrow stairs. As long as the stairs are, at least 26″ (66 cm) wide an Acorn stair lift can be installed. The rails mount to the stairs, not the wall, so the stairs need to be in good condition. Wheelchair stair lifts are another type of stairway elevator. Most of these are portable and work only on straight stairs. Platform lifts are another type of wheelchair stair lift.

Most models have swivel seats, although some only swivel at the top. Some have seats that swivel at both the top and the bottom. This could be an important consideration depending on your level of mobility. A soft start and stop is also something to consider. Most Acorn chair lift has this as a standard feature. The height and leg length of the person using the stairway lift should be taken into consideration. Different models have different seat heights, both, as they are an in relation to the floor at the bottom of the stairs. Knowing the length of the track needed for the lift is also important since the chair needs to reach both the top and the bottom of the stairs.

Acorn stair lifts are one of the best selling stairway chair lifts. There are also other brands available as well, Summit Pinnacle, Bruno, and Ameriglide are a few. Acorn stair lifts are available in many styles, including an outdoor stairlift. Acorn lifts have warranty coverage for up to five years depending on your needs. If you have trouble sitting, acorn stairlift models that allow you to sit or stand might be the answer. The Acorn stair lift perch model might also be a good option, especially if you have a narrow staircase.

Stair lift prices depend on the type of chair lift. Stairlift prices for a curved stair lift will be different from prices for a straight stair chair lift. The type of chair itself will also vary in price. Stair lifts, including Acorn stair lifts, are currently not covered by Medicare as they do not consider them a medical necessity. Used stairlifts also have different prices from new ones. Acorn stairlifts are also available used.


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