What Is the Best Handicap Stair Lift?

A good stair lift can permit a person whose mobility has been impaired by age, injury or illness to remain in his or her own home. That can greatly improve their quality of life and save a lot of money compare to the costs of a full time nursing home or assisted living facility. There are increasing arrays of stair chair lifts available, which can be adapted to straight stairways, curved stairways even swimming pools which can be helpful therapy for some disabled people. Most of these stair lift chairs are operated by electricity. Some systems are wired into the home’s power but most of the newer stairway chair lifts use twenty-four volt direct current systems powered by batteries.

Battery technology has improved to the point at which a battery powered stairlift is safer and smoother than those connected to the homes electrical system. There were a few instances in which wear and neglect with the older systems caused short circuits, which electrocuted handicapped operators. This cannot happen with the newer, safer, smoother battery powered units. Some of these batteries can retain a charge for four or five days, or up to fifteen lifts, between recharging. The batteries themselves can last for up to five years before they need to be replaced.

Stair lift prices vary a lot ranging from a low of $1, 300 up to over $4, 000 for residential models from major companies like Bruno, Acorn or Stairlift. The lower priced models are stairlifts for straight stairways. Curved stairlifts cost more as do heavy duty stair wheelchair stair lifts with capacities of up to four hundred pounds. Specialized installations of stair lift chairs involving ceiling mounted rails also add to the costs. Some impaired users are also handicapped by severe arthritis and poor vision due to age, which means that controls need to be large and easy to operate. Remote control systems are available which can help such users.

Shop carefully for disabled lifts, ask acquaintances who have them how they like their units and if service is available locally. It is also a good idea to consult your family physician. He will know what brands of platform lifts are being used successfully in your community. Stairlift, Acorn, Bruno, and ThyssenKrupp are quality brands available nationwide but there are many other quality systems in different regions of the country. For those on a tight budget, there are some companies, which recondition used units and sell them for considerably less than comparable new units.

In summary, you can find a good stair lift for almost any application. A good quality stair chair can allow you to remain safely in your own home without extensive remodeling in your mobility is impaired. Shop carefully and ask you acquaintances for recommendations if they have their own systems. Consult your physician. He will know what brands of stairlifts are being used successfully in your area and do not overlook reconditioned systems, which can be acquired at considerable savings. The best lift for someone else in some other part of the country might not be the best one for you. The best stair lift is the one that works for you.


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