How to Rent a Stair Lift

For the handicapped, the average home can be like an obstacle course of challenges. There are high counters, doors, bathrooms and the most dreaded of all the stairs. Many people may think that home stairlifts are out of the question. Citing high initial investments and repair costs as reasons for not owning one of their own. There are many companies out there including Acorn and Bruno that take some of this burden off their customers by not only offering stairlift rentals, but also offering instillation and complimentary repair work for the time of the users lease. This takes much of the worry about owning a stairlift away and allows the user to enjoy their new free and active lifestyle with their loved one.

Bruno independent living aids has been one of the leaders in the manufacturing of stair lifts for the handicapped for nearly 25 years. They have been a leader in the world for quality artisanship and consistency for decades. They have developed the patented turning automotive seating that allows users to go straight from their home to their car without ever having to strain any sensitive areas of the body. Acorn stairlifts USA is the number one stairlift company in America. Offering straight, curved and outdoor stairlift models that fit any user’s lifestyle. Whether it is a platform lift, wheelchair lift, curved stairlift, or a stairway elevator these companies have solutions that can fit everyones needs.

Stairlifts have come a long way in the past couple decades. Today’s models allow a user to have the ultimate comfort while operating the machines. By offering padded seats and backrests, companies ensure that the user gets as smooth a ride as possible. Options such as locking swivel seats allow the user to access the chair easily without excessive twisting or contorting of the body, and a remote control device can be used to call the chair from another floor of the house without the user having to climb any stairs whatsoever.

The rental of these devices could not be easier. Through dedicated websites and telephone numbers, anyone can quickly and easily get all the information they could possibly ever want to know about these companies’ products and services. Acorn and Bruno both have convenient websites that can be accessed at and There are forms a user can fill out on both of these websites to request brochures and comprehensive materials on all of the products listed.


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