Curved Stairlifts: Gaining Access to Any Stairway Is Affordable

Losing mobility should not mean losing freedom. As a person ages, there are some tasks that become more difficult to accomplish. One such task may be climbing stairs. Simply because stairs become an obstacle does not meant that relocation of a bedroom or consolidation to one floor is necessary. There are solutions to the stair dilemma. Stair lifts, a moving chairlift that runs along a stairway, allow a person to move up and down stairs.

There are many types of stairlifts available on the market today. Te correct one for any staircase can be found. Finding a manufacturer who can customize a wheelchair lift and bend it around the corners of a stairway may be necessary. The full line of Acorn lifts, including the Acorn 80 curved stairlift are available in a variety of lengths and sizes to fit any stairway. Because the stairway lift features a design that curves around and contours to walls and railings, the Acorn stair elevator can be installed in almost any space and will allow for convenience that is not available with other handicap stair elevators.

The unique track design of the stair elevators from Acorn allow it to be bent and curved through different levels and landings in a staircase. There is even the ability to curve it around a corner at the bottom and top of the stairway so the chair can be maneuvered out of the way when not in use. This allows greater access to the stairs for persons who do not use the chairlift. The rack and pinion drive mechanism contained in the modular rail system allows smooth and quiet operation. Due to the totally modular design it is possible to curve around at the top or bottom of the stairs and continue the lift down a hallway. This extended rail allows a shorter distance from the end of the chair area to a bedroom or restroom. The foldaway chair neatly folds out of the way allowing greater maneuverability. Acorn chairs will also swivel and turn to allow access to a person in a wheel chair. The smooth operation created by the unique drive system does not stop or jerk the person along like many ropes or chain driven applications.

Sales, installation and service of the Acorn chair lift systems are available across the United States. With trained technicians available to measure and fit each lift to the stairway of a particular home the process is as easy as making a phone call or filling out an on line request for more information. Do not sacrifice mobility; regain it with an Acorn chairlift.


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