About Stairlifts for the Elderly

A big problem that elderly people can face is not being able to utilize the stairs in their own homes. Installing a stair lift can help senior’s access stairs with ease. With a stair lift they can still enjoy going up and down stairs in their homes without feeling any anxiety, and the stair lift will ensure that they get there safely When people begin to age they start to feel that they are becoming a bother to their families because they are always asking for help. Stair lifts for the elderly allow them feel more independent and not so useless.

Stair lifts work by control devices that are connected to a stand or a chair and runs along a path that is attached to the stairs. Whether right handed or left, most chairs can be easily used in both hands. If the senior that is looking for the stair lift prefers to stand to ascend and descend; a perching stair lift chair is the appropriate choice. If it is recommended that the individual should remain seated, then a seated stair lift is the right option. For the disabled there are wheel chair lifts available, and that can really make a senior invalid feel dependent in his or her own home.

Stair lifts come in multiple types, brands and designs and they can be a bit confusing to choose between, so is best to do a lot of homework before purchasing or renting them. Two very popular companies that are known for quality and safety are Acorn and Bruno. Acorn stairway lifts are available for both indoor and out door use. The Acorn Super glide 120 is one of the best selling brands of stair lifts today, they are thoroughly tested for safety and quality and have been a reputable brand that has been on the market for quite some time. The indoor version is basically the same as the outdoor model except that changing weather will not do damage to the chair. Bruno Stair lifts are known all over the world for their excellent quality, which have set records for the best stair lift in the industry. These lifts are very compact and have a vertically shaped rail that is installed closer to the wall to make it easy for others to have plenty of room on the steps.

When considering the purchase of a stair lift if the price of purchasing one is out of your range, rental stair lifts can be an excellent alternative. When renting, warranty and installation is included in one monthly payment making it easier to afford because the payments are spread out over many months. When purchasing, it is a good idea to know that curved rails cost more than straight and that any extra features will cause the price to be higher. Whether they are bought new or reconditioned wheelchair lifts and platforms are always going to be more expensive and a warranty will add more money onto the bill but it will save you plenty if something is to go wrong.

A big problem that elderly people can face is not being able to climb stairs in their own homes and it becomes dangerous, not only for their mental health and beginning to feel useless but it starts to be very serious when the begin to do things on their own without asking for help. They can suffer serious injuries and even possible death from falls caused on stairs. Stairlifts can give seniors their own sense of independence and safety, while helping loved ones feel safer knowing that they are using the stair lift.


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