Acorn Stairlift Accessories Information

A stair lift is a mechanical device used for lifting people and/or wheelchairs up and down stairs. Acorn Stair lift Accessories can accommodate any stairway and any personal need. Yes, there are even curved stair lifts for even the most intricate staircases. Stairway chair lifts offered by Acorn are Acorn 120 Stair Lifts for the simple, straight staircase, Acorn 80 Stair Lifts for more complex staircases, and a special weatherproofed outdoor model. Each design can come in a perch model or a sit or stand model depending on household needs.

Perch models are specially designed for those with narrow stairways and for those who have difficulty bending their knees. Sit or stand models are ideal for households where multiple people will be using the lift but have differing requirements. These models give the users the option to sit for those who can safely sit while the unit is in operation or to stand for those who may have trouble bending their knees.

The benefits of choosing Acorn Stair lifts for in-home mobility aid are endless. Acorn stair lift chairs are fitted to the actual stairs, not to the wall. They provide a smooth and quiet ride. They are sleek and modern with wireless remote controls, so no more unsightly trailing cables. They fold up easily for efficient storage when not in use. In addition, the best part yet. They are battery powered, so even in a power outage; Acorn customers can still have full usage of their home.

Acorn products are equipped with state-of-the-art features for maximum safety and comfort, including seatbelts, padding, lockable swivel seats eliminating the need to twist the body when leaving the chair, a diagnostic digital display of the current status of the lift, five safety sensors that stop the chair in the event of an obstruction, and remote controls that allow the user to virtually “call” the lift to the top or bottom of the stairs as needed.

Full warranty coverage for up to five years can be supplied, with variations dependent upon the customer’s individual requirements. Acorn stairway elevator equipment at the very least meets standard safety requirements and exceeds many in order to ensure life-long safety and reliability. Replacement batteries cost around $35 each and generally last about three years with average usage. Acorn strives to provide affordable stair lift prices to those who need mobility assistance. Medicare currently does not cover the cost of stair lift installation, but there are several organizations willing to assist those with medical and financial needs. Contact an Acorn specialist to be pointed in the right direction for such assistance and to obtain a free consultation and quote.

In summary, in the event that using the stairs becomes difficult, stair lifts are motorized units used for carrying individuals and wheelchairs up and down staircases. A stair lift is essentially a personal stair elevator. Acorn is a company that makes safe, affordable stair lifts for any size or type of staircase. Acorn Stair lifts makes it easy for people to remain in the home they love and continue to enjoy full use of the entire home.


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