Costs of Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn is one of the leading companies in the business of making stairlifts, which is sometimes referred to as chair lifts, stair elevator, platform lifts, or a stairway elevator. Acorn stair lifts are mechanical devises designed to help those who have difficulty moving up and down stairs. They also help provide a sense of freedom to those confined to wheelchairs. Acorn stair lifts are easy and quick to install, taking around two to three hours for installation.

Like all products out there, stair lift prices vary and depend on styles. Prices for most stair lift chairs range around 3, 000.00 dollars, some going up based on make and model, and some going down. Most stairway chair lifts can carry around three hundred and fifty pounds. In addition, all of them provide safety features, and easy to use controls. Many stair chairs have the ability to fold up neatly, keeping them safely out of the way.

The Acorn straight stair chair lift 120 can usually be found to sell at around 5, 000.00 dollars. However, it may also be found to sell at around 2, 899.00 on a few sites. This model has a padded seat and backrest on the stair chair to ensure comfort, as well as safety sensors to detect anything blocking its path. To help safely get in and out of the chair, there is a swivel seat.

There is also the Acorn Super glider, which is a cheaper model of stair lift. The Super glider has many of the same features as the 120 stairlift, plus some, but the price is a little better. The Super glider is usually listed at around 4, 000.00, and is still a very good model of acorn stairlift.

If you are looking for a much cheaper price for acorn stair lifts, many sites also offer used stair lifts. The stairlifts prices are better for a product that is just slightly used. Buying used is a good way to find an acorn chair lift for those new to them. You can find all kinds of models used, curved stair lifts, wheelchair stair lifts, and regular acorn chair lifts. Another benefit with purchasing items used, you can find parts for your acorn lifts at a much cheaper price. If you need to replace a part for a curved stair lift or a wheelchair stair lift, it would cost that much more to get a replacement part new as apposed to finding it used.


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