Will Acorn Stairlifts Fit if You Have Knee Problems, or a Narrow Staircase?

The less able are already in a difficult position, trying to make things work for themselves with convenience and dignity, and unfortunately, this can sometimes be expensive or worrisome to obtain. One of the issues people sometimes worry about is the question of fitting a stairlift. A stair lift is a fantastic innovation that allows a less able person full use of both floors of their home. However, stairlifts are notorious for requiring complex installation, and as a result, some people are left wondering, “Will an Acorn stairlift fit?”

An Acorn stairlift is one of the top of the range stairlifts on the market, and thankfully, it is usually no real problem to install them. It is an innate part of their design that they are much easier to install in a home than many other brands. This is true even if you have special needs. You are not limited to Acorn stair lifts, however. Bruno stair lift installation is also quite simple, and this may be another fine option for you.

Another hurdle to overcome, however, is the problem of fitting a stair lift to very narrow staircases. Alternatively, a person might be unable to comfortably bend their knees, in which case a sit-down stair chair is inconvenient. Acorn stairway lifts have a solution for this, however, in their “Perch” and “Sit or Stand” chair lifts. These models allow either sitting or standing, and can even accommodate both should there be multiple people in the home with different needs. This sort of Acorn stair lift is a fantastic option among disabled lifts, as it can fully suit multiple needs at once.

The issue of narrow staircases is similarly avoided due to the Perch model’s small size. It will undoubtedly fit even the most narrow of staircases, and allows someone to stand on it rather than sit down, which eliminates the need for the usual knee clearance expected of chair lifts. The Perch Acorn chair lift is thus a great solution for anyone who is worried about the size of his or her stairway and thought that perhaps no stair lift chairs would fit. Such a stair elevator really offers a fine option for those who otherwise would be unable to avail themselves of Acorn stair lifts.

Acorn stairlifts are never inexpensive, but knowing that there are stairway chair lifts out there specifically designed to solve your problems should relieve you of the worry of needing a custom option. Stair lift prices are always better on the used market, and you may be able to find used stairlifts that are suitable so long as you take careful measurements.