Editors Review: Acorn 120 Perch Stairlifts

If you are having difficulty climbing up or down stairs, acorn stair lifts are the answer for you. There are many different models of Acorn stairway lifts, and some of the most popular are the Acorn 120 Perch stair lifts. This stair lift has a variety of features and benefits.

These stairlifts are designed for fitting to the stairs that actually make them safer than a stairlift that is fitted to the wall. Acorn stair lifts work essentially like a stair elevator meaning that they carry you up the stairs, and with this model, you can choose whether you would like to sit, stand or perch on your acorn stairlift.

This model of acorn stairlifts is designed for straight staircases, and it can be mounted to an indoor or an outdoor staircase. That is not true of all stairway chair lifts. If you need to remove the acorn stair lift to temporarily widen the staircase to accommodate guests or a delivery man with a piece of upstairs furniture, these acorn lifts have folding arm rests, seats, and foot rests which can be folded away slimly and easily.

Of course, you want to be comfortable while riding your stair chair so the chair is padded on the seat and back. These chairlifts are operated by easy to control paddle switches that can even be utilized by individuals with a limited range of movement. These chair lifts also have a swivel seat that will move so that you do not have to get into an awkward or potentially dangerous position to get into it, and the stair lift chairs lock too so that they do not swivel out of position.

The acorn stair lift is easy to install, and once it is installed, your stair chair lift will have a lockable on/off switch that you can use to prevent other people (like curious grandchildren) from playing with it. You can also summon your stairway elevator with the included remote control.

The stairlifts prices vary depending on the type of stair cases and how difficult they will be to install. However, the standard range for stair lift prices is in the $3, 500 to $4, 000 range. Prices will be more than that if you need to invest in more severely disabled lifts like platform lifts or wheelchair stair lifts. The curved stairlifts will also be more expensive than the straight ones. For a curved stair lift or a wheelchair stair lift, you should consult info for a different model than this one. If you are a bargain hunter, look into used stairlifts.

If you are recently suffering from limited mobility, you do not have to sell your home and move to a one story condo, you can easily climb up and down your stairs with an acorn stair lift. The acorn 120 perch stair lifts, in particular, are a a great standard purchase for indoor or outdoor use on straight staircases. They offer a variety of features from comfort to safety, and due to their standard features are relatively cheaper than a lot of the more specialized lifts on the market. Invest in one today, and stay in your beautiful home.


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