Editors Review: Acorn Superglide 120

In this Review of Acorn Superglide 120 you will learn all about Acorn stair lifts which are a great answer to any of your mobility concerns. If you love your home and do not want to move away, Acorn stairway lifts can provide you with the help you need to climb up or down stairs so that you can stay in your own home and use it fully. There are many stairlifts on the market, and with a little research you will find the right stair lift for your needs and your home.

This stairlift is a fairly standard stair elevator which is designed for use on straight stairways and boasts technology that makes it one of the smoothest rides available. Like all Acorn stair lifts, it has a variety of features that make it superior. It comes with a life time warranty so you do not have to worry about ever replacing it. In fact, you can even use it during a power outage as it is backed up with battery power, and it will never blow a fuse as it is not connected to any mains. This Acorn stairlift promises not to be a bother or danger to any of the other people who live in or visit your home. Because it has almost silent operation, it will not bother anyone, and its ability to be shut off and locked means that no one can put themselves in danger by using it without your permission.

The Acorn stairlifts take comfort as seriously as safety. The stairway chair lifts swivel so that you can access the chair easily from any angle, and the stair chair is padded on the seat and back to make your ride comfortable. The Acorn lifts can be stopped quickly in an emergency with their easy to use joystick control, but the stopping and starting action is designed to be relatively smooth and free from jolting.

Once you receive your Acorn stair lift, it is easy to install, and these chair lifts mount on the stairs rather than the wall making them even safer. The stair lift chairs as well as the footrest and arm rests can be easily folded away if you need to widen your stairway for any reason.

The stairlifts prices will vary depending on the options you choose, but stair lift prices can be as low as $2, 450 without added features or installation. However, if you need disabled lifts, platform lifts, wheelchair stair lift, curved stairlifts, or a stairway elevator, they will be more expensive than the standard Acorn chair lift. However, if the warranty is still intact, you might consider purchasing a curved stair lift or wheelchair stair lifts from any reputable company that offers used stairlifts.

In summary, do not let a problem with stairs push you out of your beloved home, but instead purchase an Acorn stair lift. The stair chair lift can offer you a safe and comfortable way to climb up and down your stairs without putting extra pressure on your legs or putting yourself in danger.


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